03 Nov 2019

family at airport moving overseas
Taking that huge step to move out of the country will require more than just courage. In fact, you can fall chest deep and feel extreme stress in the process. Even the mere logistics of this big move are enough to make the calmest person lose their cool.To fully prepare you for moving overseas, your professional international removalist team at Nuss Removals want you to be aware of t...

02 Sep 2019

young couple packing boxes for moving overseas
Most of Earth’s wonders have already been discovered, and anyone can learn about them with a quick search through the internet. For some people, however, merely seeing pictures, watching videos or reading about all the beautiful places in the world isn’t enough. They want to experience the culture and the people, so they relocate abroad.Aside from experiencing a new culture, however,...

05 Jul 2017


Repatriation or ‘heading home’ after working and living overseas, can be a time of mixed emotions for the expat family. They’re excited to be moving back and reconnecting with family and friends and going back to all that’s familiar. But also sad to be leaving new friendships, interesting experiences and what may have been a charmed and exciting lifestyle.

12 Apr 2017

moving to denmark

So you’re looking to move to Denmark from Australia? Congratulations you’ve chosen to live and work in one of the world’s happiest nations. It’s official, according to 2017’s ‘World Happiness Report’, Denmark was 2nd out of 156 countries that made the list.

06 Mar 2017

relocating to Australia from UK
Relocating to Australia from the UKcan be a daunting prospect, whether you are traveling alone, in a group or with your family. Venturing into the unknown, many thousands of miles from friends, family and all that’s familiar.But you will be pleasantly surprised to see many similarities and strong connections between the two countries. Same Head of State, English the common language, ...

29 Sep 2016

Moving to Norway
If you are moving to Norway from Australia, you would no doubt expect significant lifestyle changes ahead. Europe in general is an absolute smorgasbord of lifestyles and cultures, each quite different from the Australian in many ways. On top of that, Norway is as unique as it gets, even when compared to all the other European countries. Norwegians cherish their way of life and everything...