removals insurance

Obtaining removals insurance in Australia when moving or relocating is optional but recommended. Nuss has an unrivalled reputation for quality, but with so many outside influences it is possible that occasionally damage or loss can occur. It is therefore recommended that insurance cover be taken out to ensure that in the event of damage or loss, your belongings and liabilities are covered. Taking the precaution of arranging insurance coverage will also provide peace of mind while your belongings are in transit or in storage.

We can arrange removals insurance for:

  • Local Removals
  • Country Removals
  • Interstate Removal Insurance
  • International Removals (‘marine’ insurance)
  • Storage

The financial services reform act requires than any moving company arranging removals insurance cover MUST be appropriately qualified and licensed. Nuss is an authorised representative of Aldridge & Street, which holds Australian Financial Services License No. 245658.

The legislation requires that only employees that have undertaken and passed a stringent training course may discuss insurance with clients; those employees are qualified to explain what options are available to you and can then arrange cover based on your personal choice.

Your move coordinator is qualified and able to provide you with information regarding the type of removals insurance cover available to you.

Application Conditions and Acceptance

The pages of information are provided as PDF files. To download the appropriate form please click on this link: Insurance Declaration & Quotation Acceptance Form

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