young couple packing boxes for moving overseas

Most of Earth’s wonders have already been discovered, and anyone can learn about them with a quick search through the internet. For some people, however, merely seeing pictures, watching videos or reading about all the beautiful places in the world isn’t enough. They want to experience the culture and the people, so they relocate abroad.

Aside from experiencing a new culture, however, people have other reasons for moving overseas. Some go on an epic journey to find true happiness, while others move for better job opportunities.

Whatever the reason, moving to a foreign land can be quite an undertaking. Use the checklist below as a guide for getting things done during the last month before your departure, to make the transition smoother.

4 Weeks Until the Move: Vital Responsibilities

1. Gather Proof of Identity and Frequently Requested Documents

You will need specific documents, certificates, and other official papers to apply for services abroad. Make sure to prepare the documents listed below before your move.

a. Passports

In the beginning, your passport will be your main proof of identity. You’ll find that it will be of use when you apply for other government IDs while abroad.

 b. Birth Certificates

Banks or schools may request your birth certificate when processing applications and new accounts. If you’re planning on staying in the new country for an undetermined amount of time, you will also need it to renew your passport.

 c. School Diplomas and Transcripts

If you are planning on studying abroad or will be moving with your kids, you’ll need diplomas and past school transcripts during the application.

d. Marriage Certificates

Sometimes you will need proof of your marriage. For instance, a bank may ask for a marriage certificate if you and your significant other want to open a joint bank account.

2. Prepare Prescription Medication

Some countries may not allow you to bring specific medications with you. You’ll have to do research on which prescription medication you can bring on your journey. You may also want to talk to your doctor about alternative medications (just in case your current ones aren’t available where you’re going).

However, if you are allowed to bring all your prescribed medicines, then start stocking up on them at least a month in advance. Make sure you have enough to use until you can find a new doctor abroad.

3. Search for International Movers

Look for international removal companies that offer the services you might need, such as:

a. Packing Services

You may want some professional help packing fragile items and large items like furniture or electronics if you’re planning on taking them overseas.

b. Relocation Packages

Some removalists in Sydney can help you with other aspects of your move, in the form of relocation service packages. For instance, at Nuss Removals, we go above and beyond to make sure you are settled in comfortably at your new home. We can help our clients find the best city or town for their needs, we can recommend good schools, and we can also offer our assistance with finding suitable housing as well as your visa applications.

c. Storage Units

Sometimes there are things you’ll need to leave behind. Storage units are a great option if you can’t bring some of your possessions with you abroad. The items will be protected and kept in great condition until your return. Learn more about our flexible, affordable storage solutions here.

4. Turn in Last Notices

If you haven’t already, it’s time to hand in your resignation at work (unless you are relocating because of it). Also, by this time, you should give your landlord your 30-day notice (or whatever timing is written in your lease) if you are renting, and listing all of your general subscriptions that need cancelling.

3 Weeks Until the Move: Service Disconnections and Inventory Lists

1. Disconnect Utilities

If you own a house, it’s time to call service providers to set a date for the cancellation of your gas, water, electricity, garbage collection, and other services.

2. Cancel or Transfer Internet and Phone Services

You will need to cancel home internet services after you go abroad unless someone will be left behind at home to use it.

As for your mobile phone, contact your network provider. Ask them about international plans (if they have any). Also, take the time to search for smartphone companies abroad and check your options.

3. Take Inventory of Your Possessions

Cataloging all your possessions will help you with the packing phase. As you go through your things, sort them into several groups, as seen below:

  • What I will be taking with me
  • What I will be donating
  • What I will be gifting to family and close friends
  • What I will keep in storage until my return

2 Weeks Until the Flight: Packing, Packing, and More Packing

When you reach the two-week mark, everything will go by fast. Every day, you should be putting things away for your trip abroad.

Make sure most of the packing is done by the end of this week. You’ll want to have some free time as your departure date nears.

1 Week Until the Move: Say Your Goodbyes

This will be your final week at your current home, so it’s best to spend the entire week with family and close friends. Take the time to say goodbye properly and exchange contact information.


Moving overseas is impossible to do on a whim. Plenty of preparation and planning must be done before it can be successfully executed. Use the checklist provided above as your guide, get in touch with our expert team at Nuss Removals, and fly off to your new home with satisfaction and peace of mind. Request your Free quotation here.