Do you provide a free removals quotation?

Yes, we have experienced Nuss removal consultants that can visit your home, evaluate the size and complexity of your move and provide you with a quotation tailored to your specific requirements. There is no charge or obligation involved.

Are your moving rates fixed or hourly based?

We generally provide fixed rates if we have had the opportunity to view your belongings in advance of your move. We can certainly quote you an hourly rate but this is generally only for small moves. If you are moving your entire home we encourage you to take advantage of our home visit quotation service.

Do you provide a packing service when moving?

Yes we do. We have trained and experienced removalist packers that can pack to both domestic and international standards.

Do you provide Removals Insurance?

Yes. Nuss is a licensed representative of Aldridge & Street and as such we are able to offer you a variety of insurance options. Your Nuss Removals consultant is trained and qualified to provide you with information regarding the removalist insurance policies and covers available to you.

Why should I take out Removals Insurance?

Regardless of any contractual rights you may have against your moving company, there are many circumstances where they will not be liable to make good any loss or damage to your goods, for example where the goods are damaged as a result of an accident that is not the Company’s fault. Customer goods in transit and storage insurance can assist to fill this gap.

Do you transport items that I pack myself?

Yes we can transport items that are PBO (packed by owner).

Do you have storage facilities?

Yes we have our own storage depots in both Sydney and Melbourne. Elsewhere we have national coverage through the facilities of our co AMG (Australian Movers Group) partners around Australia.

Are you a well established business?

Nuss Removals have been in existence since the 1890’s which makes us one of the most established removal companies in Australia.

Where are your locations?

We have our own full service operations in both Melbourne and Sydney and in all other parts of Australia we have nationwide representation by our co partners of the AMG group.

What is the AMG (Australian Movers Group)?

The AMG group is an exclusive network of independent, regionally headquartered removal companies located in all of the major and many smaller cities and towns around Australia. AMG operates with a common code of conduct and operational procedures so that our clients are provided with a like for like high level of service at both ends of a move.

Will you move my plants?

Yes, we do move plants as part of a domestic move but as they are particularly vulnerable to a change of environment we do so on the understanding that we will not be held liable for their health on arrival. Some states have border restrictions governing plants which you should be aware of prior to your move.

Do you transport motor vehicles?

As we have special arrangements with two national vehicle carriers we are able to assist you with a motor vehicle if it is part of your move.

Do you transport pets?

Yes, we have arrangements with a specialist pet transporter on a domestic and international basis.

What other services do you offer?

We have a varied range of other and value added services including but not limited to storage, office removals, house cleaning, handyman service, furniture assembly and re-build, valet unpacking and internal moving (internal moving is the shifting of items from room to room only and is helpful when having floors re-surfaced and de-cluttering). We encourage you to call us should you have a specific service requirement not listed as we may still be able to assist you.

Do you offer interstate removal services, and if so how?

Yes, we cover the whole of Australia on a door to door basis by using 20ft steel shipping containers that are moved by rail through arrangements that we have in place with the national rail networks.

Are you a member of AFRA (Australian Furniture Removers Association)?

Yes, in fact Nuss is a founder member of the association and highly regarded as such.

How much notice must I give you?

The simple answer to this is as much as you can. If possible a minimum of two (2) weeks would be practical but given that settlements and notifications are generally shorter than ever before, we will work with your time frame as best we can.

Are there any particular items that you do not transport?

The rules regarding restricted items differ somewhat depending upon the type of move, ie local, interstate or international. In general though there are certain items of a hazardous nature that we are not allowed to transport no matter what including items such as: flammable liquids, explosives, corrosive materials, LPG, pesticides, ammunition, oxides, petrol, paints and such like. We recommend that you contact us for a more specific answer based upon the type of move that you have and the item of concern.

Will you disassemble and reassemble my furniture when moving?

Part of our removal service is to disassemble and reassemble simple and everyday type furniture including beds wardrobes and desks. However, our removalists are not specialists in this field and any complex items may require the services of a handyman or modular furniture specialist. Your Nuss consultant will evaluate and discuss this with you during the course of our pre move inspection and advise/quote you accordingly.

What if I need storage between my pick up and delivery dates?

No problem. We have storage facilities available and can accommodate short or long term gaps between pick up and delivery. Again, your Nuss consultant can provide you with rates and information on this.

If you have a particular question that we have not answered above, please feel free to contact Nuss Removals consultants directly over the phone or via email enquiry.

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