Office Removalists
Being a qualified Office Removalists with experience, Nuss has been relocating small, medium and large companies in both Sydney and Melbourne for decades. We are able to arrange many of the logistic services leading up to the move as well as the physical relocation of office and/or factory items.

Your Nuss Removals Consultant will work together with dedicated team to develop a successful removal plan. We are fully aware of the importance of keeping your business operating during the process and with accurate planning, transparent communications, leadership and teamwork you will be able to carry on with minimal disruption.

To minimise down time, we suggest that the move take place during a weekend. A well planned move will allow you to cease operations on a Friday evening and re-start your operations first thing on Monday morning.

In preparation for the move we can supply you with cartons or even assist you with the packing, the choice is yours. You may even decide that you want to de-clutter the office a little and save precious space. We have a choice of storage options that will enable you to achieve this.

Our Office Removalists consultant will be your single point of contact for the move and will assist you and your team every step of the way.

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