Nuss is dedicated to providing quality and innovation throughout every aspect of our business andoperations. We recognize that this provides the foundation on which we continue to build and develop. Our memberships to various associations within the removals industrydemonstrates our ongoing commitment.

As part of our commitment to quality we have a dedicated in-house team that continually audit and monitor every aspect of the company including levels of customer service and satisfaction ratings, IT and reporting systems, employee training and development, suppliers and partners worldwide.

In recognition of our quality, Nuss is a FIDI/FAIM accredited company. FAIM is an independent quality assurance programme that is dedicated to international moving and, more importantly, exceeds the requirements of any other quality standard. Mobility companies around the world are benchmarked against each other and so FAIM certification is the ultimate standard to achieve, globally.

International Moving Associations



FIDI is the largest removals association globally. Visit website


FIDI Accredited International Mover

The only audited global accreditation, specific to the moving industry. Visit their website –
FAIM Branch Responsibility Statement


The Overseas Moving Network International

Represents the cream of the world’s international moving industry. The Ultimate Quality Network! Visit website –

International Association of Movers

The International Association of Movers

The International Association of Movers represents more than 2,000 companies in over 170 countries. Visit website –

Australian Moving Associations


Australian International Movers Association

AIMA was established in 1975 as a professional forum for the international removal industry.


Australian Furniture Removers Association

AFRA is an official body of removals experts that helps regulate the removals industry. Nuss is a founder member of AFRA.

Australian Movers Group

Australian Movers Group

AMG is an exclusive operational network of independent, regionally headquartered movers. Visit website –