Nuss International Removals can provide all the services you need when you’re moving to the Land of the Long White Cloud.

Getting the Essentials Right for Your Move

If you’re moving to New Zealand, we can make your move easy and cost-efficient.

When deciding which mover to select when moving to New Zealand, you will need:

  • A full quote for all your moving services, which may include packing in addition to freight, clearance and delivery as well as any additional support services you require.
  • A dependable timeframe designed to meet your expectations to ensure  delivery of your belongings with minimal fuss.
  • Clear and easy communication from your moving company, to make your move as easy and straightforward as possible with no worries along the way!
  • To ensure that packing for international travel, is done professionally or if you choose to pack yourself you need the mover to help you understand the impact it may have on your insurances and any delay or costs which could result with clearance in New Zealand..
  • Your freight company to be problem solvers, able to manage any potential problems which can arise when moving to New Zealand.
  • Relocation services that make settling into your new place easy and provide useful local information.

Nuss International Removals will of course provide all of the above while also helping with assistance you need along the way. Along with our partners in New Zealand, we will take care of your move to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

Moving to New Zealand with Nuss International Removals

When you move with us, all you need to do is tell us the services you need:

  • Call us and tell us what you need: Just call us and speak to one of our international removals team members. Tell us your needs and we’ll arrange your move according to your timeframe, specific needs and your expectations.
  • Do you need support services? Will you want to put belongings in storage, need pet transport, or need useful help like house cleaning?
  • Do you have specific needs for your move? Do you have special belongings such as large items, those of sentimental value perhaps or other valuables, or other important moving requirements?

Talk to Our International Removals Experts

Call us on 1300 466 877, contact us online or use our online chat to speak to one of our team.  We’ll be happy to be here to assist and provide the information, guidance or advice you need when moving to New Zealand.