Nick Riewoldt moving with Nuss

Star AFL player Nick Riewoldt is one of Nuss Removals’ customers. He knows what it takes to be the best and how to choose the best. The St Kilda FC Captain and his lovely wife Catherine moved from their South Melbourne home to their new home in Brighton.

Ray Beard, our Melbourne Manager asked Nick for his removal review of Nuss Removals and also about his playing career.

Ray: Well Nick, it was a pleasure assisting you with your move again but before we talk about that let me ask a few questions about Nick Riewoldt. What is your happiest footy moment so far?

Nick: Anytime you go into battle with a group of men and come out victorious is a happy moment. Ive been fortunate to experience this many times over my career.

Ray: How hard is it to maintain peak performance week in, week out given the physical and mental challenges of the game? What is your secret?

Nick: There is no secret really. I just take pride in my ability to prepare as well as anyone and give great effort every single week.

Ray: What advice would you give to aspiring young players and also to their parents?

Nick: The habits you form early will carry you through your entire career.

Ray: What interests do you have outside of the footy world?

Nick: I love the outdoors. I’m a keen fisherman and diver.

Ray: What direction do you think your career will take when you decide to hang up your boots?

Nick: I’m going through the process of working out exactly what that will look like at the moment. A break from football altogether would be nice though!

Ray: Now back to the move. How would you describe your experience moving with Nuss?

Nick: Seamless. In what can be a pretty stressful time we were able to focus solely on the excitement of moving into our new house as every detail was taken care of by Nuss.

Ray: In your opinion what is the hardest part of moving house?

Nick: Probably just the logistics and timing of everything. I stressed about this but the day of our move was really quite easy. The hardest thing was deciding where to put the furniture!!!!

Ray: Nick, many thanks for your time and everyone here at Nuss wishes you and Catherine all the very best in your new home.