moving to canada

Moving to Canada from Australia is pretty straight forward task if you are being serviced by quality removal company. Nuss Removals is a Global Moving Company with the exceptional service record and a world-wide network. You will enjoy a full range of additional services available, as well as right advice when you trust Nuss Removals with moving service to Canada. For those of you who don’t know much about Canada, we have compiled some brief information about this unique, and in many ways very special country.

Moving to Canada – About the Country

The home of ice hockey, caribou, lumberjacks, igloos and maple syrup, right? Well, yes – but that’s just scratching the surface of Canada. In reality, it’s one of the world’s most striking countries, a mixture of raw beauty and more complex, unexpected landscape including desert, temperate rainforest and lush orchards. Add the Rockies’ glittering lakes and majestic peaks, spectacular fjord-slashed coastlines and the rippling prairie expanse with all the sky for a ceiling and you’ve got more than enough room to truly lose yourself if you want to. But there’s more than just the “great outdoors”. Canada’s cities – charming Quebec, trendy Vancouver, cosmopolitan Toronto and stylish Montreal among them – are rich with historical and cultural treasures and populated by a diverse, friendly and engagingly modest mix of people.

Some Facts About Canada

How big is Canada? Well it’s bounded by the Atlantic and Pacific oceans on its east and west, and you could fit the United Kingdom 41 times over. The second largest country in the world, Canada covers almost ten million square kilometres, a quarter of which is the Inuit homeland of Nunavut. This vast land is sparsely inhabited and most Canadians live in its southern half, close to the US border. The whole country extends over 6 time zones, and the population is approximately 33 million – half British, quarter French, and just about 3% claim aboriginal ancestry.

A huge natural resources have helped Canada to its place among the world’s top-ten richest countries. Almost two-thirds of its power comes from hydroelectric power-plants, and Canada is one of the few developed nations that actually exports its energy.

Moving to Canada with Nuss

Moving to Canada from Australia is frequently organised by Nuss, as Canada is one of the popular destinations. Therefor, it is fair to say that we have a lot of experience in executing such moves with great efficiency. Our partners around the world are also the most reliable and professional moving companies, selected by Nuss based on their service capability and track record. For your peace of mind, Nuss has a variety of insurance options available, and our consultant will be at hand to advise on best type of cover for you.

Finally, if you are moving to Canada from Australia, you may contact us for a free Canada Country guide or a free Canadian Customs informations guide.