Removals to Poland

International Removals to Poland from Australia is best organised by a quality removalists such as Nuss. As a part of our overseas moving and relocation to Europe service, international removals to Poland are managed by Nuss on a regular basis. For those of you who have never been to Poland before we have prepared this article that will give you some valuable information on this great European country.

Moving to Poland – About the Country

Poland is a large and varied country in the heart of Europe, with a long and eventful history. It has gone through a wave of significant political, social and economic changes since late 80’s. The results of these changes are plainly visible today, particularly in the cities. However, there are also many aspects of Poland and Polish life that have remained unchanged for centuries.

In today’s Poland you will find a great diversity of scenery – busy cities, luxury hotels and modern international airports are contrasted by ancient castles, horse-drawn plows and storks nesting on chimney tops. The country has an abundance of natural beauty, including high mountain ranges, large forests and a long coastline. Nearly one third of Poland is covered by forest, and the huge area of farmland makes up a half of its landmass.

Poland was the flash point in 20th century on two occasions. Firstly, Germany’s invasion of Poland that started WWII, and later on a political and social movements in Poland had started the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe.

In the late 19th and early 20th century, Poland was an industrial powerhouse in Europe. Today, in the world of business and commerce, Poland is shifting away from it’s heavily industrialised past and is modernising many areas of its economy.

Poland’s Climate

Poland has a cool, continental climate, and temperature varies significantly from one area to another. Two climatic patterns meet over Poland – humid Atlantic air moves from the west, and dry air comes from Eurasia in the east. As a result, weather in western parts of Poland tends to be wetter and milder weather than in east.

Apart from the usual 4 seasons, Poland has two distinct extra ones – an “early spring” and an “early winter”. Also significant is the fact that seasons do not arrive at the same time in different areas of Poland.

Poland Mountains

The average annual temperature in northern parts is 5 – 7 degrees Celsius, in southern parts 8 -10 degrees, while in high mountains the average drops to 0 degrees. The hottest month is July with an average of 16 – 19 degrees, and it rarely goes higher than 25 degrees. The lowest recorded temperature was -41degrees C in 1940.

International Removals to Poland – Quick Stats

  • Poland has relatively high unemployment rate and the average monthly wage is A$1186 as of Feb 2013
  • More than 20% of the working population is employed in agriculture, 90% of which are working on their own farms.
  • 28% of Poland’s total land area is covered by forest
  • The average number of days below freezing ranges from 90 per year by the sea to more than 200 per year in the mountains
  • Population is 38.6 million aprox. , 90% of which is Roman Catholic
  • Over 50% of Poles practice their faith on regular basis by attending services
  • About 10 million Poles live in US, and the Chicago has the second largest Polish population after Warsaw.
  • Poland joined the European Union in May, 2004

Organising your International Removals to Poland

For all your goods and household items Nuss can arrange overseas shipping from Australia via either air or sea. Depending on individual circumstances and requirements, we can provide a full load, half load or shared container load shipping options to our customers. If requested, a full door-to-door transit insurance cover can be arranged for all types of International Removals to Poland.