At Nuss, we have a wide range of packing materials available which enables us to pack and wrap any household goods or personal effects in most appropriate way to ensure protection.

Depending upon the nature of the move and the clothes, we can pack clothes into flat cartons, hanging wardrobe cartons or standard cartons. Hanging Wardrobe cartons are typically used for suits, dresses and coats but not for air shipments where the height and size is not conducive to carriage. Hanging wardrobes are used for local interstate and sea freight moves.

A possible disadvantage of hanging wardrobe cartons is that clothes can fall off the hangers during transit. Flat wardrobe cartons and standard cartons are used for clothes too. For air freight shipments we carefully pack suits, slacks, dresses, shirts & blouses into flat cartons rather like a suitcase. Linen and other clothes can go into these too. Of course, as with clothes packed into suitcases, they can still get a little creased. Some types of clothing and linen such as jeans, sweaters, sportswear and the like can easily pack into standard cartons. We also have shoe bags available when required and provide clients with zippered bags for underwear items.

China and glass is wrapped individually in paper and then packed tightly into cartons. The key to safe packing is ensuring that each item has sufficient material around it to absorb vibration and that the packages are loaded tightly enough in the carton that they can not move.

Mattresses are packed into heavy duty plastic bags for protection. Items which can not be packed into cartons are wrapped in blankets for local, country, interstate moves or moves into storage. On local moves they would not be inventoried or labelled as there is no need. Careful wrapping and loading minimises the possibility of damage.

For international moves we use specially designed wrapping material to overwrap items which can not go into cartons. This material which we use in Australia is made of polyethelyne and so is easily recyclable (coded recycle nbr 4) and has an absorbent lining to help the wrapped item breath and avoid condensation.

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