At Nuss we provide storage facilities in Sydney specifically for household goods and personal effects. Belongings stored with us will not be mixed with general cargo or potentially hazardous items.

Storage modules or storage containers are taken to the residence to be loaded ‘on site’ which minimises the handling required and so the opportunity for damage to occur…the less handling that occurs the less likelihood there is of damage. The doors are closed and then the numbered module is transported back to the warehouse for storage. If a client wishes to access anything then the items needed can be extracted and delivered out. Otherwise the storage module will be delivered back to the residence at a later date without the contents having been disturbed. A checklist is completed which identifies which items are loaded into which modules.

Clients are able to access their storage at our warehouse and remove items they need. This relieves clients of the need to handle heavy and dusty items themselves as can be the case in a self store facility. We can deliver back out or clients can arrange to take items away themselves if they wish.

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