For country and interstate moving or moves into storage, Nuss movers will wrap the fridge with the door kept to jar to allow air to circulate. This minimizes the chance of mold developing. This may not be an issue on local move, but it can be on long distance moves or where the fridge goes into a storage.

Items which cannot be packed into cartons are wrapped in blankets. Careful wrapping and loading minimizes the possibility of damage. Upholstered furniture can be wrapped in plastic before being over wrapped with blankets. Pianos require specialist attention and can be very difficult to move. However, our experienced crews know how to use lifting straps and make it look all so easy. When necessary, we protect stairways with blankets before moving furniture.

After removing appliances or furniture from the home, we then carefully wrap the item in blankets before securing it in a truck or storage container. We can also move your pot plants interstate, where quarantine regulations allow.

For storage and interstate moving, as well as international moves, Nuss will use an inventory list for all belongings to be moved. The inventory details cartons by number, briefly lists the contents each carton contains, and identifies the rooms from which cartons came. Each carton is marked in manner which allows easy identification. Wrapped items are also listed and described together with the detailed condition report.

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