For International moving, items which cannot be packed into cartons are wrapped with specially designed export wrapping material. This material is normally made from recyclable polyethylene and has an absorbent lining which allows the wrapped item to breathe and thus avoids condensation.

Fridges should be switched off for few hours before they are moved. Nuss wraps the refrigerator with the door kept ajar to allow air to circulate. This minimises the likely hood of mould developing. This may not be an issue on local move, but it can be on moves of longer duration or where the fridge goes into storage.

Voltages differ from country to country, so many clients decide not to move appliances internationally. Nuss can advise you on voltage in country of your destination.

Loading (also known as “stowing”) is a task which requires great care and skill. At Nuss, we carefully load all belongings to avoid movement and so potential damage during transit. When there are not enough belongings to fill a container, a wooden wall known as a bulk head is installed to prevent movement and give added protection.

Air Freight consignments are loaded into specially designed and manufactured triwall air containers, and we have several sizes available. As these are quite large and palletised, they are normally moved and loaded by forklift or pallet jack which reduces a chance of damage.

We can move cars overseas by sea or air. If moving by sea, we carefully load the car into a steamship container at our depot, and it is then secured by timbers and special tied out straps. If households items are to be loaded too, we have the ability to build a mezzanine floor above the car on which we can then load some of the household goods. The we build a bulkhead or wooden wall to separate the load from a vehicle. This will be constructed by a carpenter.

At Nuss, we have a team of import specialists that coordinate with customs and quarantine officers to arrange the import clearance and delivery of household good shipments coming to Australia.

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