Moving House

It’s widely known that moving house is one of the most stressful life events you can go through. The sheer organisation needed for the task is mammoth, especially if you don’t prepare for it well ahead of time.

With that in mind, here are our top 10 expert tips to help make your big move as breezy as can be.

1. Slim down on stuff

Start sorting through your belongings months in advance. Throw away the items you haven’t used in the last year, or give them to an op shop if they’ve still got some life in them. Pick a room per weekend to avoid having to do everything in bulk just before the moving date.

2. Organise your removals company

Look into different removals services for your area and ask for quotes and what they cover. Some may not provide comprehensive insurance for instance, which may not be worth saving a few extra bucks for. Also be sure to check that any removalists you commission are members of certain associations, such as AFRA, for extra peace of mind.

3. Send out your new address

Make sure the relevant people, from your bank to your doctor, have your new address. Start making a list of those you need to notify well in advance; you can add to it as you continue with other moving house preparations. Alternatively, Australia Post has a useful redirect service.

4. Change your bill providers

This is an excellent time to save some money on your heating, Internet, and so on. You’re going to need to call up and switch your address anyway, so why not shop online for better options while you’re at it? Sites such as Compare the Market will help you find the cheapest deals on energy, for example.

5. Clean before you move in

Try to give your new place a thorough clean before the movers bring your boxes in. Avoiding having to navigate boxes, piles of belongings, and people while you scrub the bathroom and kitchen makes life easier.

6. Pick up packing equipment

Purchase boxes, tape, paper, bubble wrap, and box cutters. Keep all these items in a designated spot at home so you know where they are immediately when you’ve got a spare five minutes to pack some items away.

7. Colour code your boxes

Pick a hue per room – blue for the bathroom, green for the living room, for example – and sticker your boxes in these shades to help you easily group them together for ease of delivery by the removals company and when unpacking.

8. Change the locks

Who knows who has they key – or safety alarm passcode – to your new place? While it can be pricey to hire a locksmith, it’s a cheaper option than having to replace stolen goods.

9. Talk to the previous owners

Ask for all the essential information, from how to set the heating to which neighbours will be most likely to help you out in a jam. Try to set up time for a meeting where you can ask all the relevant questions. This will ensure you avoid wasting time figuring everything out yourself or having to bother them with a string of phone calls when you can’t find where the garage key is.

10. Keep everyday items to hand

So the big day has arrived and your moving house preparations are hopefully in check. It’s a nightmare trying to find the things you should have kept at hand among a pile of boxes, so make sure you and your family members each pack a small suitcase with the everyday essentials you’ll need, such as a change of clothes and toiletries. Next, all you need to do is rock up to your new home and get settled in.

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