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Not many people are brave enough or have the desire to move from a rural neighbourhood into a highly urbanised city. There are some significant social considerations, as moving neighbourhoods means leaving behind established connections and valuable friendships.

However, many of those who have made the big move have reported the change of scene can be a welcome change of pace and lifestyle. Of course, this will still depend on your personality and how easily you can adjust to change.

Relocating is something that many people will have to consider at some point in their life. It may be because of an opportunity to advance within your current company or for better job opportunities with a new employer in your profession. It may also be something personal that is compelling enough to necessitate a move.

Fortunately, this major life change is made a lot easier thanks to the help of reliable, professional house movers. However, the struggle doesn’t end with just bringing your belongings to your new home.

The real challenge begins when you start living your life in the big city. Some people believe that urban living is a lot more exciting than living in a small town, but you will be the judge of that when you take the leap.

Urban vs. Rural Life: Key Differences

Knowing the key differences between life in the city and in a small town can be a great help for your adjustment. After all, it’s not every day that you are able to experience both of them and the differences to your daily life can be substantial.

Peace and Order

Everyone is concerned about the safety of their neighbourhood. Most people believe that rural places are safer than cities, but the truth is, it can be pretty much the same.

Rural neighbourhoods are generally more peaceful or quiet, and have fewer places of amusement. However, getting your share of peace and quiet in the city really depends on the community you are moving into.

If you are moving to a place near the city hub where shopping centers, restaurants, cafes and bars are in abundance, prepare for the hectic, noisy life typical of urban living. But if you live in gated community or a modern housing estate, for example, city life can take a slower pace once you’re home.

Payment Methods

Cash seems to be becoming more and more obsolete in the city. Urban dwellers have already been relying more on credit cards, or “plastic” payments, than cash, while their country counterparts may still prefer to carry and pay with cash.

Foot and Vehicle Traffic

Another aspect of rural vs urban living that is in the extremes, is the traffic for both people and vehicles. As the population density in small towns is generally far lower compared to the city, it is not surprising that people don’t often get bumper-to-bumper traffic situations in the neighbourhood streets. The opposite is true in the city, which is further impacted by the existing road systems that were simply not built to cater for the volume of traffic they experience today.

Making Adjusting to the Big City Easier

After settling into your new home with the help of your trusted moving company, it is time to face the new environment and culture.

Believe it or not, there are more than a dozen things that will change in your life aside from your address. While some of them may be easy to predict, like the cost of living and possibly stressful traffic conditions, there are others that you may only truly feel once you experience them first-hand.

To help you on your journey, we have compiled 4 things you can do to make your adjustment to the big city a lot easier:

1. Find a Career You’re Passionate About

If you don’t have a job waiting for you in the city yet, looking for a job in a place you’re unfamiliar with can be exhausting, both mentally and emotionally. This is why it is usually better to stick to what you like to do. Find a job that you know you will like (or even love doing) for the long term. This will help you become less lonely if you will be living alone, since you can find solace in doing something that you love.

This also applies for when you move to the city to study. Find a degree or major that you can lose yourself in without having to drag yourself into class every day.

2. Add Aspects of Your Old Place to Your New Home

At first, your new place may seem like an alien planet which can trigger loneliness if you’re living alone. Help yourself adjust to the new ambiance by decorating it in a way that will make you feel like it’s your home sweet home.

Add a touch of yourself to the place by hanging framed photographs of your family or from your childhood. You can also opt to use bed covers or tablecloths that were stitched by your favourite grandma when you were little. So long as it reminds you of home, it’s all good.

3. Brave Through the Loneliness

Doing things alone is the best way to make you grow and love the city life. If you have a friend or relative who serves as your tour guide in the city, there’s a good chance that you will rely on him or her every time you need to get around.

Since you’re in an unfamiliar place, try new things like food and entertainment. This will not only make you become more independent but will also offer you a sense of growth and appreciation for the change.

4. Don’t Forget Where You’ve Been

Let’s face it, loneliness can become unbearable if you were raised closely with your siblings. Find a place that reminds you of where you lived before you relocated to the big city, like restaurants that serve dishes you liked to eat when you were young. Doing things like this will help you remember the good times while easing the burden of being alone in the big city.


Moving from a small rural place to a highly urbanised city can be daunting if you have no idea what to expect. However, knowledge and understanding of the new environment plus a pinch of courage will go a long way.

How did you cope when you took that small town-to-big city leap?

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