moving to tasmania

When moving to Tasmania from Overseas or other parts of Australia, you want to make sure to choose the right removalists as there can be a few hurdles to overcome in a process. We are sure that you are very much excited about moving to Tasmania, so we will ensure that your removal experience is problem free and just as pleasant.

Before you embark on your journey, here are few things you might like to know about Tasmania.

Van Diemen’s Land

Tasmania packs an enormous amount into its compact frame – with the important exception of people. Giving visitors a chance to get away from it all is the key part of its appeal.

It may look like stray punctuation trailing off the edge of Australia – indeed, careless cartographers have on occasion neglected to include it – but Tasmania makes a compelling case to be a priority for travellers, whether they come from overseas or across the Bass Strait. Mainland Australia has scale, but most of it is endless stretches of empty, infertile outback. Tasmania, on the other hand – comprising less than 1 percent of Australian landmass, crams a great deal into a small space.

In this island half the size of England (but with a tiny fraction of the population) there are lakes, mountains, an abundance of ancient rainforest, beaches, surf and elegant towns and villages. Many of the later are throwbacks to the time, some 200 years ago, when as Van Diemen’s Land, Tasmania was one of the first parts of the Antipodes to be colonised by the British. Wander around Hobart, Launceston or, especially, some of the settlements on the Midlands Highway connecting those cities, and the sense of Victorian England transported across the world is irresistible. It is to the visitor’s advantage that economic boom largely bypassed the state, leaving so much of that history intact.

More important still is Tasmania’s reputation as a place of phenomenal natural beauty. The attractions of Cradle Mountain, Freycinet National Park or the southwestern wilderness are just the beginning. Follow any road and be opened to serendipitous discovery: a tumbling waterfall, an alpine tarn, perhaps a million-year-old rainforest. Allied to the glorious environment, there’s something about the way of life that draws people back once they’ve made that first visit.

The Geographic Portrait

A mosaic of landscapes, Tasmania is famed for its natural beauty. Pristine temperate rainforest, dramatic coastlines and unique flora and fauna are all features of this isolated southern land. Most of Tasmanian land is not populated – much of it being stark wilderness: rugged hills, surging rivers and dense forest made it inaccessible, and unsuitable for settlement.

Hobart, the capital (population approx. 200,000), is one of the world’s most southern cities – only Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin in New Zealand are comparable. In terms of size, Tasmania’s 68,332 sq km roughly equates to Sri Lanka or around half of England, and amounts to less than one percent of the total area of Australia.

There are regions of rich farmland and pasture, but overall flat land is in short supply in Australia’s most mountainous state. The wildest area is the west and southwest, much of which is preserved within national parks.

Tasmanian Climate

The southerly location and the influence of the ocean means that Tasmania is considerably cooler and rainier than the rest of Australia. However, summers are still warm and mostly sunny, with heatwaves bringing temperatures over 30 degrees celsius for short periods, particularly in the north. Late summer usually brings the most prolonged spells of good weather. Winter can be cold, and snow is common on higher ground.

How to get there

If you are moving to Tasmania from overseas, Nuss can organise the transport of your goods via air or sea freight. Optional short-term or long term storage can also be arranged for your convenience, and Nuss has state-of-the-art storage facilities in Sydney. You can go and get yourself acquainted with Tasmanian Devil straight of the plane, while leaving the logistics to us. Ask for a quote from Nuss and enjoy a worry free service from a world-class removalists.