Nuss International Removals provides all the services needed for those moving to Europe. Our expert international removalists can help you every step of the way. Just ask us for the assistance you need.

Critical Issues for Your Move

If you’re moving to Europe, Nuss can help make your move easy and cost-efficient. In doing so, we will help you get the critical points dealt with so that you are well organised from day one.

For your move to Europe, you will need:

  • A complete, all-inclusive quote for your overseas removal with any related services you need.
  • A well planned moving schedule to match your needs and expectations, so that your international move is simple and straightforward.
  • Easy communications with your moving company to ensure you get any help you need when you need it and are kept apprised of status along the way.
  • The best quality packing for sea freight and/or air freight.
  • A removalist with expertise in managing moves to Europe. Nuss, as your moving company, either knows all the regulations, customs, and movement issues or, for more complicated matters can easily check with our partners in Europe for the latest rules.
  • Access to any relocation services you need to make your move to your new home country. Relocation information can help you find schools, a home and other essentials.

Nuss International Removals provides a full suite of removal and support services. Along with our destination partner in Europe, we will help you move and settle in Europe.

Nuss International Removals Europe – moving to the UK, to Germany or anywhere else in Europe

It’s easy to move to Europe with us @ Nuss!

  • Just call us: All you need to do is call and tell us your needs. One of our expert team will arrange everything for you based upon your specific needs.
  • Ask us about support services: Your move doesn’t have to be hard work. We can help with anything you need, such as storage, house cleaning, moving pets and more.
  • Need help with specific problems? Have issues with moving some certain belongings either unusual or of sentimental or significant financial value? We’ll find the solution for you.

Want to Get Moving Right Now?

Need to get the ball rolling ASAP? Call us now on 1300 466 877, contact us online or talk to us through our online chat to get started right away.  We’ll help you from the start of your move right through to getting settled into your new home wherever it is in Europe!