Removals to Hong Kong

Nuss Removals will provide a full door to door removals to Hong Kong with the option of either a Sea or Air service. Whether you are moving your entire household  or just a small shipment of effects only, we will have the right service option for you.

Situated on the edge of mainland China, Hong Kong is a territory that connects two worlds. A capitalists dream come true Hong Kong is now part of the world’s largest Communist country, there is no place quite like it. Since the handover in 1997 Hong Kong has become a ‘Special Administrative Region of China’ and is no longer part of the British colonial past.

Hong Kong is a shoppers paradise. The array of shopping malls, first class accommodation and a world class transportation system make it the perfect gateway for travellers to Southeast Asia and China, providing a smooth transition from west to east. As one of the key economies of the Pacific Rim, Hong Kong Island is a gleaming landscape of skyscrapers, a business icon and one of the most exciting and dynamic plots of land on earth.

Hong Kong consists of four sections: Kowloon, Hong Kong Island, the New Territories and the Outlying Islands. Kowloon and the New Territories form part of the Chinese mainland to the north of Victoria Harbour. Hong Kong Island, containing the central business hub, lies on the southern side of the harbour facing Kowloon. The Outlying Islands comprise a composite of 234 islands.

The “Manhattan of Asia” and where “east meets west” are both valid descriptions of this exciting and vibrant territory. It really is a unique place. The stunning views across Victoria harbour and from the lookout point at “The Peak” provide a spectacular panorama and a great place to watch Hong Kong’s magical day time to night time transformation. During the daylight hours you will be mesmerised by the never ending hive of activity of a city metropolis; with street traders and powerful financial giants working side by side creating together what we know as entrepreneurial Hong Kong. Then at night a new Hong Kong of lights, noise, action fragrances and food bursts into life like no where else in the world as the social scene takes over – 24 hours in a day is just not enough for Hong Kong!

Living in Hong Kong does have its challenges though. Housing is expensive and tends to be smaller than many expatriates are used to, the hustle and bustle is not to everyone’s liking, summer can be very hot and sticky while winter can be very cold and damp. That said there is so much to like about the place thanks to its resourceful people who are loaded with personality, a colourful culture and an overall life experience that is hard to top. In general terms medical facilities are modern and world class, there are a wide range of international schools providing a very high standard of education, public transport is second to none and all in all Hong Kong a very safe environment, even late at night.

Our International Removals crews are fully trained and we use the very best in packing materials for the ultimate protection of your belongings. Our shipping services to Hong Kong are available for any type or size of move and our coordination staff will be able to give you full details of what shipping options are best suited for your particular move.

Our partners around the world are the most reliable and professional available and are selected by Nuss based on their service capability and track record.

Supported by the very latest in technology, our move coordination staff will guide you through the moving process and be available for you every step of the way and for peace of mind Nuss has a variety of Insurance options available. As each clients needs are different our trained consultants are on hand to answer any questions you may have about the type of cover available to you.

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