moving to UK

If you are moving to UK, Nuss can provide you with a full door to door removal with the option of either a Sea or Air service. Our packing crews are fully trained and we use the very best in packing materials for the ultimate protection of your belongings. Whether you are moving your entire household to the UK or just a small shipment of effects only, Nuss will be able to assist you. Our shipping services to the UK are available for any type or size of move and our coordination staff will be able to give you full details of what shipping options are best suited for your particular move.

UK Background

The United Kingdom (UK) comprises the countries of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland each of which has a rich cultural heritage and an abundance of historical interest.

London is by far the UK’s biggest city. It started as a small Celtic village on the river Thames, was populated and developed by the Romans and eventually grew in prosperity and global importance through the medieval period onwards. In particular, the Victorian era can be classed as the city’s “golden age” and in contrast the blitz of WW2 was one of its darkest hours.

That said Londoners dug deep and in true form and with bulldog spirit, London moved on and experienced a new cultural renaissance in the swinging 60’s when once again it took pole position as the “Fab” place to be.

Today, London remains a magical city and deserves its reputation as being one of the truly great cities on earth. If you happen to be moving to London, you may well be in for the time of your life!

It would be wrong not to mention some of the other wonderful UK cities: Manchester, Liverpool (home of the famous band The Beatles), Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Cardiff and Belfast and more; our apologies to those that we have not mentioned. Each one of these cities deserves its own overview as they are all magnificent in their own right. Alas though, we have to make specific mention of the Channel Tunnel as this is now a main gateway and entry point to mainland Europe. To be able to get on a train in central London and just a few hours later disembark in central Paris is remarkable and has changed how people view continental travel.

Although the UK is a member of the EU, it is not a part of the Euro Zone and therefore all standard day to day financial transacting is conducted in UK currency (Pounds Sterling) and not Euros.

From a political perspective, although the UK parliament in London is still the dominant political centre, both Scotland and Wales have a greater degree of independence through the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh and the National Assembly for Wales in Cardiff. This was a huge step in recent political reform.

General points

The UK media have a reputation for quality but also for aggressive reporting. The media are free to report on all aspects of British life, society and political opinion without constraint. The variety of publications available certainly reflects the full spectrum of political opinion and many newspaper shops sell European papers daily.

Business hours vary depending on location and sector but here is a general guideline:

Banks: Monday – Friday, 09.30 – 4.00pm or 5.00pm. Some main branches are also open on Saturday 09.30 – 1.00pm.
Post offices: As above
Shops: Monday – Saturday 09.00am to 5.00pm (5.30-6.00pm in major cities). Sunday, some larger stores open 10.00am -4.00pm.

Drive on the left side of the road in the UK, the use of seat belts is compulsory, give way to vehicles from the right on a roundabout or at junctions, crash helmets must be worn on motorcycles or pedal cycles.

Football is the most popular sport (although more people go fishing than play football but thats another story) and is the one that draws the largest regular weekly crowds. The UK is home to the English Premier League, comprising some one of the worlds most respected and followed clubs in the game.

Cricket (of course), Rugby, Tennis, Hockey and a variety of other sports clubs and facilities are readily available in all regions and local communities. Horse Racing and Greyhound racing is also very widely followed.

UK Culture

It is worth remembering that the terms ‘English’ or ‘British’ are not exactly the same thing. ‘British’ is a broader term and refers to a person from England, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales; whereas to be ‘English’ specifically refers to someone from England. Likewise, those from Wales are ‘Welsh”, ‘Scots’ are from Scotland and if they are from Northern Ireland they are ‘Irish’. It would be wise not to refer to someone who is either Welsh, a Scot or from Northern Ireland as ‘English’ as this may be offensive.

The UK Class system is still very much a part of everyday life but it has certainly changed over the years. It was once all about a combination of wealth, breeding, “which school do your children attend” and where “one lives”. A true “Brit” could sense a persons class through their accent, manners, dress and deportment.

These days there is a far greater distribution of wealth and the class system, although alive and kicking, is less dominant. The British are still known to be a very reserved and private people and questions relating to a persons financial situation or relationships should be avoided.

We can’t have on overview of the UK without mentioning the all important Pub Culture. The “local” as it is known is still to this day one of the most important social meeting points in UK society. Nearly everyone has there favorite local Pub and in some of the smaller country villages it is the focal point for all of the events and festivities throughout the year.

So, if you happen to be on the move to the UK you have a lot to look forward to and please remember to call Nuss International Removalists for your moving service options.