Moving to France

If you are moving to France from Australia and are looking for a professional removalists that know the country well, then look no further than Nuss Removals. We can provide a competitive door to door removal quote, and we have a great deal of experience in removals to France. Above all, we know what it takes to achieve a trouble free overseas move.

Although Paris is probably the most popular destination to move to, Nuss provides an unlimited service for removals to France so no matter which village, town or city you may be moving to in France, Nuss Removals will be able to assist you.

This is France

Be it cycling through lavender fields, admiring the landscape between glasses of Bordeaux, France is a land of languid moments laced with soul, a zesty spirit and more culture than you can shake a baguette at. It’s capital alone requires more than a lifetime to absorb – Paris is chic, understatedly elegant and impossibly romantic.
It is also overtly urban, passionate, obnoxious, arrogant, irresistible and outrageously feminine – a right madame everyone wants to meet. Its holy trinity, as old as Seine that flows through this ancient city, is good food, wine and joie de vivre.

What about the rest of France? Well, the rest of the country is no short straw by any means. France is the world’s top tourist destination, a place everyone wants to visit at least once in a lifetime. The only question on everyone’s mind is – which chunk of the hexagon do I take a bite at first?

The art lovers would definitely want to explore the south, where the intensity of light is unlike anywhere else in Europe – Renoir, Matisse and Picasso certainly thought so. Then there are the French Alps where winter skiers and summer hikers thrive on Europe’s highest peak and its outdoor adventures. Northern France with its oyster beds and Champagne cellars is quite intoxicating. Countrywide, ancient churches, sea-splashed abbeys and old stone chateaux quietly safeguard 1001 tales of deep tradition and inventive passion. So take your pick if you can or roll the dice, as it will take many lifetimes to experience it all – this is France.

Things to Know when Moving to France

The French are very proud and protective of their language and even if you are not a particularly good French speaker it is still important that you attempt to converse in French as much as possible. The French consider this to be a common courtesy and a good or bad attempt will not matter – just the fact that you tried will be received positively.

Public transport in France and especially in Paris is modern and efficient. Like any major city, Paris roads are highly congested so the Metro system is the preferred method of transport for most Parisians. For intercity transport the TGV rail system is world class. Not only is it one of the fastest rail systems in the world it is economical, comfortable and very efficient.

Housing in France is varied depending on the region in which you choose to live. Paris is mostly apartment living and the outer suburbs offer a blend of both apartments and houses. You will find that budget, location and proximity to work will have an important influence on the type of accommodation that will be available to you.

Most expatriates find the bureaucracy hard to deal with. When dealing with government departments, institutions and such like, things can take time and strict protocols must be followed. There are very few short cuts and temporary residents find this frustrating. The French are quite used to this and you will find that their attitude to such delays will be relaxed and accepting of the situation.

Preparing to move?

So, if you need a quality removal company for moving from Australia to France then call Nuss Removals now. You can choose to move your belongings either by Sea or Air service and our packing crews are fully trained and equipped with the very best in packing materials for the ultimate protection of your shipment. Our shipping services to France are available for any type or size of move and our coordination staff will be able to give you full details of what shipping options are best suited for your particular move.

Our Overseas Moving partners in France are all hand picked and are the most reliable and professional available being selected by Nuss based on their service capability and track record.

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