removals to Argentina

International Removals to Argentina are provided by Nuss as full door to door International moving service. International Shipping to Argentina via air or sea is available for any amount of household items or personal belongings (from few items to entire household), as well as a vehicle transport. Optional insurance and packing services are also provided by Nuss, should those be required.

Why Choose Nuss for International Removals to Argentina

When moving to Argentina from Australia you want to ensure that your belongings will arrive safe and on time. Overseas moves can be difficult to organise, especially when customs and other regulations are to be considered. Nuss has all the experience needed in dealing with overseas moving requirements, so you can rest assured that your international removals to Argentina will be organised in best possible way.

Moving to Argentina – Brief Info on Country Itself

About Argentina

Argentina is located at the bottom part of South America and occupies the most of its triangular shaped southern tip. Argentina borders with Chile to the west, while Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil and Uruguay are to the North and East respectively.

The vast land stretches to an area of 28 million sq km, and it is the 8th largest in the world. It’s western frontier following the Andes range (border with Chile) is more than 5000 km long. Argentina also has approximately 3000 km of Atlantic coastline that stretches from the capital Buenos Aires to Tierra del Fuego, an island separated from the continent and shared with Chile.

Country of Argentina is divided into 23 provinces plus the federal district in which the capital (Buenos Aires) is located. It has the population of 40 million, third of which lives in capital city and surroundings. The rest of the country is thinly populated.

Many of Argentina’s indigenous population has been wiped out during the military campaigns of late 19th century. A wave of migration and settlement (mainly from Spain and Italy) has followed these land-grabbing campaigns, and today Argentina is the most Europeanised country is South America.

Argentinian Economy

The Argentinian economy have had its ups and downs in past 30 years, with periods of extreme inflation and near collapse of banking system in 2001. However, the economy is still resilient thanks to the agriculture exports and abundance of natural resources. On its path to a recovery, Argentina has registered a seven year sustained growth period of 7.4% p/a on average (2003 – 2009).

Argentina is the 3rd largest beef exporter in the world, after Brazil and Australia. Tourism is also a valuable source of income to Argentinians, as a third of total national income is contributed to this industry. Today, the biggest challenge for Argentina’s economy is the “brain drain” – many talented young people that left the country after the banking disaster in 2001 have not returned.

Argentina is a member of the G-20, and founding member of WTO (World Trade Organisation).

In 2010 Argentina was ranked No. 4 among developing countries in the Quality of Life Index. Buenos Aires has been voted among the top ten best cities to visit worldwide for five years in a row (Travel and Leisure 2010).

Coordinating your International Removals to Argentina Service

Upon your request for International Removals to Argentina service from Nuss, your designated removalist co-ordinator will organise a pre-move survey and an obligation free visit to your home if needed. We strongly recommend that you request a home visit and pre-move survey at least 3 – 4 months prior to your intended day moving day.

For customs detail information and list of prohibited items you can visit the official Argentine Customs page. For all other additional information please contact Nuss office and your moving coordinator.

You can rely on Nuss to provide you with a worry-free International removals to Argentina.