09 Sep 2016

Moving House

It’s widely known that moving house is one of the most stressful life events you can go through. The sheer organisation needed for the task is mammoth, especially if you don’t prepare for it well ahead of time.

With that in mind, here are our top 10 expert tips to help make your big move as breezy as can be.

05 Feb 2016

Visa Processing Australia
The world of Visa Processing is always a challenge. If you happen to be in Human Resources and currently involved in Visa applications for company expatriates moving to Australia, you will find the following information useful. Courtesy of Amanda Tinner of Visa Executive, these hot off the press indicative processing times should be noted and taken into consideration when planning moving...

30 Oct 2014

visa ban from Ebola-affected countries

The Australian Government has recently announced a ban on visas for visitors from Ebola-hit African Countries. The ban is effective immediately, and the Federal Government has stopped processing all visa applications from people wanting to travel to Australia from Ebola-affected countries. All types of visas are affected, including immigration and humanitarian.

16 Oct 2014

subclass 457 visa

If you are looking to relocate to Australia under a Subclass 457 Visa (temporary skilled worker visa), we have some important news for you. An independent panel has recently completed a review of Subclass 457 Visas and made key recommendations towards making certain reforms, considered to be a major step forward in the right direction.

03 Oct 2014

packing for overseas move

Packing for overseas move can present a big challenge to most people, even those with good organising skills. There is lot more to consider compared to a local or interstate move, and gathering the right information beforehand is important. We have presented the five useful questions you should ask yourself if you’re moving overseas, so you’ll be better prepared for the tasks ahead.